Thursday, June 21, 2007

30 Years and 300 pages deleted

Sorry, got sick of all the questions/accusations, so I've deleted my previous post about warning bells. I was trying to let you into my head with regard to reviewing queries, but ultimately I suspect this forum isn't the best venue for that.


Anonymous said...

I read your deleted post (and must say, I use the same standards to inform what I choose to read) and a handful of the initial comments. Based on them, I suspect you saw the difference between the attitudes of amateurs uninformed (or unconcerned) with the realities of the business, and professionals (regardless of monetary success) who understood what you meant. Shame it got away from you, because your comments were useful.

Anonymous said...

Tis shame you decided to delete the post, I think it was the best on your blog and judging by the comments many people think so.