Saturday, July 21, 2007

Book Buying Saturday

I'm off to get Harry Potter (and also Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, on the recommendation of Maya Reynolds and Book Cannibal). Very excited.


Robin S. said...

Enjoy Harry. I've ordered four copies, for four family members, spread over two continents. Only the Brits have recieved theirs at the doorstep as of now. Makes me wish I hadn't purchased this way- as the delivery time is out of my hands.

Maya Reynolds said...

Whoops! I wasn't clear. Sorry.

I ordered "Moon Called" WITH Harry Potter, which means I haven't read it yet because HP isn't due to arrive until today.

But I gotta say the first five pages on "Search Inside" were great so I'm not too worried.

The Grump said...

Hope you enjoy "Moon Called". Briggs is one of my favorite "new" authors. Her other series isn't bad either.