Friday, July 6, 2007

grains of salt

Be careful what you read out there... without naming names, I've now stumbled across a few blogs that have either incomplete or erroneous information on them.

There's one blog in particular that has really raised my ire over the past year. Just recently they inaccurately described the ongoing debate between Simon & Schuster and authors/agents over the publisher's out of print clause. In another posting they had incorrect information about agents posting queries on the web. Now I'm not saying you have to have legal training before commenting on these things, or that you need to have professional experience that extends beyond rejecting queries, but at the least you need to make sure to properly educate yourself on the issues before discussing them in a public forum.

You'll note that on this site and any agent site that I link to we try to talk about only the things we know about, and always make sure to tell you when something is our own opinion, as compared to an industry-wide feeling. I know that caveats can get annoying, but we live in a world and work in a business of caveats. If the blogging agent isn't pointing this out along the way then I suggest you take the information they are providing with many, many grains of salt.

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