Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Author Query Service

A colleague of mine pointed out the recent increase in electronic queries sent in the same format. Our best guess is that there is a mass-emailing service available to authors that helps them generate queries for agents for a fee. I'd love to know more about the company (or companies) that is running this service, and how much they are charging authors.

Most agents I know do not respond well to these form electronic queries. They are completely impersonal and don't give us any sense of your writing style.

Along the same lines, I'd suggest that you be wary generally of any fee-charging writers' services. Most information about agents can be found for free online or in a bookstore, as I've previously noted. The only fee-charging websites I currently recommend are: Publishers Marketplace and Literary Marketplace.

I previously included Agent Query on this list, but it's been correctly pointed out to me that they do not charge a fee. It's a website you should absolutely check out.


cate said...

As someone currently mired in the query process, it's a lot of work and a lot of research, but the thought of someone else mass-mailing my query is a little scary. I'd rather have complete control over the process. As for the fee-charging websites, AgentQuery doesn't charge a fee to search their database.

K.C. Shaw said...

Writer Beware has some information about these types of services, most recently here:

I wouldn't use one of those services to save my life--apparently they do no research at all about the markets they send to, and don't personalize the query either. Waste of the writer's money, waste of the agents' time.