Thursday, October 25, 2007

Books I'm Jonesing For

Here are a few books I really want to see:

A serious treatment on the rise of cable television, filled with behind-the-scenes interviews with both the suits and artists who made it happen. Journalism credentials necessary.

American history in the 19th century. The issue chosen needs to be specific, but with enough umph to carry a whole book. I also think that there's room for more history books focusing on a single year or even a few months (April 1865 is a great example).

A gritty, hard-boiled urban fantasy mystery series. Imagine Lehane or Connelly, but paranormal. Must be set on earth in the present or very near future.


Church Lady said...

Would that include middle grades? I'm writing books that take children back in time to meet influential artists. I'm working on book 2 (Rome, 1400s).

Book 3 will be about Native American potter Maria Martinez.
I'm nowhere close to thinking about this book, but wanted to ask if this is the level of specificity you're looking for.

Jonathan Lyons said...

Sounds interesting, but I don't really handle middle grade. Sorry...

BTW, notice I've been adding pictures?

Church Lady said...

That's why you're number one!


Anonymous said...

Sir Lyons,
Pray tell, what do you perceive "Paranormal" to be ?

Jonathan Lyons said...

I didn't know there was a debate about what paranormal is. Paranormal is something beyond the normal experience or scientific explanation.

Bernita said...

I'm more concerned how you define "gritty."

Jonathan Lyons said...

See Lehane/Connelly. Gritty novels are characterized by detailed, intensely realistic presentation of the subject, characters, etc., esp. in their negative or unpleasant aspects.

Robin S. said...

Hi Jonathan,

How about gritty, but gritty that's not fantasy or mystery? OK with that - even though it's not a top tier choice for you right now?

Jonathan Lyons said...

Sure. Check out Eric Miles Williamson, for example.

Robin S. said...

OK- I just ordered Two-up.


Anonymous said...

Sir Lyons,

I meant no disrespect. Curiosity overwhelmed me. I was only inquiring about your own personal perception of "Paranormal". Many people focus on the "Ghouls and Goblins" aspect, and not on the unexplainable phenomena... As a paranormal writer, that prejudice is a preconceived curse. Thanks so much for your enlightenment.

Gabriela said...

Sir Lyons:

I have written a book on the 19th century focused on the make-up industry. It is well researched and illustrated. I had a contract with a publisher, but they could not finish the project due to financial hardship. I am looking for a new company to take this on, since I believe there is demand for this of book.
I would appreciate any feedback,
Thank you,