Friday, November 16, 2007

Judith Regan Lawsuit

You all have already heard by now that Judith Regan has filed suit against her former employer, HarperCollins (and parent company News Corp.). She's suing on a number of grounds (24 in all) and is asking for over $100 million in damages.

Just to recap, Regan is a very famous, high profile editor who specializes in sensational titles. She acquired both the OJ Simpson book IF I DID IT and Peter Golenbock's 7: THE MICKEY MANTLE NOVEL, and the controversies that resulted represent the bulk of her complaint.

I'll post my own restrained opinion and provide updates as things progress, but for now here is a link to the complaint (PDF) via Publisher's Marketplace, as well as a good summary from Galley Cat.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think Judith got hung out to's pretty obvious. You can't tell me the editor-in-chief wasn't on board from the get go until the public backlash.

Judith Regan was clearly the scapegoat.

--just my opinion

Anonymous said...

I think Harper is going to have a hard time explaining their "lack of knowledge" when it came to a deal as large as the OJ book. Their element of time seems to be a huge factor--waiting until several days before the book came out to pull the plug: "Oh my gosh! She's doing what? How dare she!"

It seems pretty apparent that Judith Regan was a scapegoat for the whole mess...

It's a good thing I won't be on that jury.

--just my opinion

Kaleb Nation said...

She's acquired a lot of big books for HarperCollins. I wonder why they would just let her go so fast?

Thanks, I'll have to read that report.

Aimless Writer said...

I never understood why she lost her job. She bought a book that probably would sell millions of copies. No matter how morbid or politically incorrect that fact is--she did her job! And the powers that be used her to save face.
Shame on them.

Maya Reynolds said...

Since Jane Friedman, CEO of HarperCollins signed the contract for the OJ book, HC has no plausible deniability.