Monday, November 5, 2007

There's Something in the Water

I received over 200 queries via email over the weekend - definitely a record. I requested partials on two.


cerebralmum said...

So my question is, what was it about those two which made you request partials?

cate said...

I don't know whether that makes me feel good (having received a small number of requests), or just plain doomed. I am also interested, like cerebralmum, what stood out in those two queries.

Jonathan Lyons said...

One author has great credentials and an intriguing premise for a crime novel, while the other has a nonfiction proposal related to film.

Truthfully, I don't want to start posting and dissecting queries, though other agents do it to great affect on their sites.

I'd prefer to stick to doing what I've posted in the past - general ideas of what I'm looking for and specific things to mention in a query and bio to draw my attention.

Josephine Damian said...

My rule of thumb is: No queries sent between 11/7 and 12/31 because I think people - and agents are people too! :-) - are focused on/frazzled from the holidays, so I'd rather not catch an agent on a bad day when they'd rather be doing something other than replying to queries.

Could explain your pre-holiday deluge.

Church Lady said...

Hope both the requests are what you're anticipating!

And since I'm too lazy to post in your other thread, I just wanted to thank you for posting about the strike.
I'm surprised I haven't seen much in other blogs.

And I'd like to invite you to my blog party this weekend. :-)

cerebralmum said...

Jonathan - I'm surprised you told us that much! I wasn't expecting the question to be answered at all.

Obviously, it's a question that writers have, but how could anyone write an answer without it being read as some kind of guide? I may be naive in saying this, but there is no magic formula, and there are probably few queries which "tick every box" when it comes to everything which needs to be weighed up by an agent or publisher.

I know that when I have been sifting through resumes or conducting interviews, it is not always the obvious things which have the greatest impact on my decisions. Sometimes instinct and fit trump those (seemingly) more practical measures. Like I said, I may be naive, but there is always a little bit of chemistry (alchemy?) involved.

Still, when I'm on the receiving end, I can't help but wonder... :)