Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WGA Strike and Film Options Continued

Another interesting point is whether or not agents will be able to to sell options for books to studios in the first place since studios won't be able to hire writers to develop the screenplay.

And according to today's Variety, it looks like a quick resolution isn't going to happen. If you only like reruns and reality TV it looks like 2008 is going to be a great year for you.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

I did a year without television, just to see if I could.

Much to my chagrin I picked a twelve month period that included the hometown team winning the Superbowl and planes flown into buildings. But that's another story.

Once I turned the TV back on, I could not watch another sitcom. I still can't. I thought Will and Grace was hysterical when I turned the TV off. When I turned it back on all I saw was the formula and all I heard was the laugh track.

Dramas? No. Soured on those, too. No long term story arc.

I hope the writers stay on strike a long time.

I hope they enjoy the same lashback Professional Hockey did after an 18 month lockout.

I hope it breaks the spell and the public can finally see what a steaming pile of monkey crap 90% of television is.

The Grump said...

Lousy TV can't be all bad. Writers will have more time to write.

joycemocha said...

I've given up watching TV for some time now, except for bits and pieces. I have a hard time watching a lot of the stories these days--give me a good book instead. Even "Doctor Who" sours me.

Too much of the time the plotting's too predictable, or I moan at the writing...that said, I'm that way with a lot of movies as well. TV and film and I don't get along right now.

Oddly enough, occasionally I can sit down and watch some "Babylon 5," or other DVDs of that ilk. I can usually last an episode and a half of "South Park," but, again, that's occasionally.

I am a significant minority, however, and I'm well aware of that.

Bernita said...

Fine with me.
I just discovered a sudden lust for CSI and I have about five years to catch up on.