Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The New Starbucks Book

Let me start by saying that I love Starbucks. Each morning as I walk to work I pick up a Vente Caramel Macchiato, and the first taste always makes me shudder in pleasure. In addition, I loved A LONG WAY GONE, the memoir by Ishmael Beah, the former child soldier of Sierra Leone, a previous Starbucks book selection, and their newest pick, BEAUTIFUL BOY by David Sheff, looks good.

However, I'm still not convinced about the way in which Starbucks selects the books for their program. Starbucks hired William Morris to scout books and negotiate deal terms. But if Starbucks wanted a scout, why didn't they hire one instead of a literary agency? And I'm not sure you can convince me that it's possible for an WMA agent to be unbiased when one of their authors end up competing against a book from another agency.


urbansherpa said...

fyi -- this comment is less about the Starbucks book selection program (though I think you're right) and more info re: WGA strike... check out and their pencils 3 media moguls campaign.

Sarah said...

Wow, how much does a venti caramel macchiato cost? Starbucks gets expensive when you hit it every day! My grande soy latte, which is such a treat, is $4.50. When I think about the money I would save if I skipped these...but I guess it's balanced out by the fact that I would be a raging lunatic without them. Or more of a raging lunatic. Whatever. I need coffee.