Thursday, August 16, 2007

Queries Reviewed

I'm stealing a note from Nathan Bransford and have provided below a review of the electronic queries I received over the past twenty-four hours. Nathan does it for the whole week - but I'm just not that patient.

I received 71 total electronic queries. This is definitely more than I usually get, which I think is mostly due to being listed on a new author website. Out of these, I rejected 69 and requested the first thirty pages for two. Eight of these queries were sent directly to my email address, as compared to through my agency website submission form. Six authors responded to my rejection with follow up emails requesting suggestions of where to submit. Finally, five queries have spam blockers that require registration before response.

8 thrillers/suspense

7 science fiction (4 of which were not set on Earth, which I don't handle)

6 fantasy

6 juvenile or YA (which I don't handle)

5 self-help (which I rarely handle)

5 romance (which I don't handle)

5 queries that made no sense whatsoever

5 literary fiction

4 historical fiction

4 mysteries

4 women's fiction

3 poetry collections (which I don't handle)

3 memoirs

2 adventure stories (which I rarely handle)

2 politics

1 business

1 pop culture/humor