Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Amazon has selected the semifinalists for its Breakthough Novel Award, and I'm delighted to announce that David Oppegaard's Knocking Over The Fishbowl has been selected. Check it out when you have a chance!


John said...

In the spirit of self-promotion, I'M delighted to announce that my novel, Between Clubs , is also a semifinalist!

Good luck to David ... this is very exciting, but I don't know if my fingernails will survive the gnawing.

Jonathan Lyons said...


Blogagaard said...

Thanks for the promo, Jonathan. You're good people.

This event is one long marathon, isn't it, John?

Be strong!

John said...

It is a marathon, one conducted while continually chewing one's nails. Good luck in the contest.

Thus far the readers love me and the official reviewers don't like me much at all ... though I have a feeling they skimmed after page 60.


Kristan said...


Knowing that you enjoyed the "Knocking Over the Fishbowl" excerpt (which I am in the process of reading, per your recommendation), I wanted to ask if it is representative of the "polished" condition that a manuscript should be in for the query process.

In other words, if a query grabbed you and you requested a partial, and then the partial showed up and was at a comparable level to the Fishbowl excerpt, would it pass? Or would you want it to be farther along?

I see on David's site that you are currently his agent, but given that the process he went through was a little... different, I wasn't sure I could take your representation of him as my answer.

Thank you,

Jonathan Lyons said...

I signed David up years ago, based on the manuscript for Knocking Over the Fishbowl. We weren't able to place at the time, but I eventually sold his next two books to St. Martin's.

However, getting I think to your question, when David queried me Knocking Over the Fishbowl was actually done, and not just a partial. It was extremely well-written and was both stylistically and in subject matter right up my alley.

Kristan said...

Ah, okay. Thank you!