Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Golden Globes Ceremony Canceled

The ceremony for the 65th annual Golden Globes has now been canceled, as have the after-parties that follow. As I wrote in a previous post, the WGA and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were unable to come to an interim deal that would allow writers to work on the show. In addition, if no deal was reached than the SAG-nominated actors stated that they would not cross the picket line and attend the show.

Since it's pretty lame to have a televised party that no one watches and no one attends, the HFPA canceled the ceremony and will announce the winners in a news conference.


Michael Reynolds said...

Nooo. Noooooooo!

What will become of our celebrities? Who will feed their bloated egos? And what of the self-regard of the gaggle of Euro-trash that calls itself the Hollywood foreign press?

Oh, the humanity!

kullervo said...

Just when I had finally figured out formal picketing garb that would still allow me to wear long underwear!