Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Strike Update

Happy New Year to you all, and my apologies for not posting anything sooner. I spent most of my break eating, and as a result my fingers grew too chubby to type.

An update on the strike. As you might have heard, the late night shows (Letterman, Conan, Leno) are back. Letterman's production company cut an interim deal with the WGA, while Conan and Leno returned without their writing staffs since NBC owns their shows.

As football season ends and the lack of good reality television continues, the next battle in the war is over the upcoming awards shows, with the Golden Globes up first on January 13th. Though it was first rumored that the WGA would agree to an interim deal similar to the one struck by Letterman, it now seems that this isn't going to happen. All reports indicate that the show will go on, but it will now be untelevised and there's a good chance that many actors won't show as a gesture of support for the writers.

As a result, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (which organizes the Globes) will lose the fee to air the show, and the megabucks parties held post-ceremony by HBO, NBC, and others are in limbo.

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Jaye Wells said...

I caught part of Letterman (love the beard), and loved the Top Ten list with the striking writers. Apparently the WGA did a great job negotiating that deal so they got plenty of air time to state their case.