Monday, March 31, 2008

Previously Published

I've been getting quite a few queries lately from authors who inform me that they are previously published, but then they don't list their publisher. After a bit of research I then discover that the author was self-published. I'm now annoyed.

I have nothing against self-publishing, but I do not consider someone to be "published" if you've chosen this route. After all, if anyone can do it then why should I be impressed? The only way you'll impress me with a self-published book is if you have good sales figures. But the authors who write me these queries know this, or they would have told me who their publisher was in the first place!


Aimless Writer said...

Another good reminder to always be honest with an agent. Better they know the real you up front then to find out something wasn't exactly a "fact".

Ryan Field said...

When people query an agent, say they are published, and it turns out they are self-published it crosses that thin line of what's ethical and what's not.

Just like when you pick up a small newspaper and read a press release that says, "Published Author Signs Books", and then you go on to read the author is self-published. The headline should read "Self-Published Author Signs Books". There's a difference, and no one should be mislead into believing otherwise.

Iracible Writer said...

I'm an author (legitimately published) and I'm constantly contacted by other "authors" who want me to blurb their book. 99% are self-published. Like I have time for this! Self publishing does not count.