Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Email Queries

As you know, I respond to all properly formatted queries sent to me via my website. I fell behind last few weeks, but I believe I've responded to anyone who wrote me before May 1st.

I've recently had some complaints from authors regarding my submission policy. Specifically, some authors don't understand why I won't respond to an email query that is sent to my regular email address. Here are the reasons.

1) You can't send attachments via my submission form, and so it's much harder for me to get a virus.

2) The form limits the word count, which allows me to read it quickly.

3) It goes into a separate inbox specifically for queries, which allows me to read and respond faster while concurrently keeping my regular inbox relatively uncrowded.


ChadGramling said...

Makes sense. Why would anyone argue with that logic?

La Gringa said...

More importantly, why would anyone argue with an agent? :-)

Ulysses said...

Not just agents. If someone says, "Here's how to contact me," why on earth would you consider doing it another way?