Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What do you do when an agent pulls a disappearing act?

What do you do when an agent from a respectable agency personally responds to a query an hour after you sent it, raves about your publishing credits because he's actually read a few books you're in, discusses editors you both have in common, asks if he can call you, does call you and you speak for almost an hour, requests a partial, and then never contacts you again?

I've had some peculiar things happen to me over the years, but this tops them all. I sent him the partial, with a SASE, well over a month ago and I haven't heard a thing. This was the first agent I contacted with a brand new book I've just started to pitch this month.

This is a little strange, but normally a month isn't that long of a time to read a partial. I've often taken longer, even when I'm really excited about a potential project, because unfortunately there are other things that must take a higher priority (my current clients always come first). I suggest following up gently from time to time while you query other agents.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer. It's appreciated because it's something I haven't mentioned to anyone else because it was so strange.

Thanks again!!

AstonWest said...

I had an agent spend four months just going over the synopsis and sample chapters.