Wednesday, June 25, 2008

April Book Sales

According to the Association of American Publishers, net sales dropped 3.5% percent to $472.7 million, though net sales for 2008 were 2.183 billion, unchanged from last year.

For the month, E-book sales rose 19.9% (though they are still only generating sales of $3.4 million) while religious books decreased 21.5% ($34.2 million).


Kristi said...

Are those changes vs. March or vs April 07? It makes a big difference, you know. Easter was late March this year instead of April, which would skew purchases of Christian books and childrens books (destined for easter kids each got a couple in theirs!).

Also, with the increase in e-book sales, I wonder if that was because Amazon finally managed to ship enough Kindles so that folks could start purchasing with them, or if many of the Christmas Kindle recipients finally finished their first book and bought another? Or if it's not Kindle-related at all?


Jonathan Lyons said...

April 2007 and April 2008.