Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Musings

The Strand on Fulton Street is closing, and they're offering 20% off on everything to avoid having to transfer inventory to their Broadway and 12th flagship location.

Josh Getlin at the LA Times interviewed Simon & Schuster's Carolyn Reidy.

The Macavity Award nominees were announced (the link is good, there seems to be something wrong with their site).

According to Publishers Marketplace, singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin is writing a memoir for Collins. My college ex is probably freaking out right now. OMG.

Finally, my heart goes out to Nathan Bransford, whose Sacremento Kings drafted a player who pretty much all the experts think is a reach at at the twelve pick. Then again, my San Antonio Spurs drafted three players I've never even heard of.


Sarah said...

OMG indeed. Emma loves Shawn Colvin. Perhaps you can come over and read the book aloud to her.

Nathan Bransford said...

Thanks, Jonathan. Although I'm strangely ok with Jason Thompson.

Or at least I've successfully talked myself into it.

Ryan Field said...

Great piece about Carolyn Reidy.

Brian Jay Jones said...

Sacramento: PWNED!

Or something.