Friday, July 11, 2008

Revisions While On Submission

Recently I had an agent request a partial. Soon after sending it out, I joined a fantastic critique group and have since made some improvements. One of these improvements is completely changing where the beginning of the book starts, so that it opens with a lot more action. I am still waiting to here back regarding the partial. My question is, would you resend the partial with an explanation, or just sit tight with fingers crossed. And if you do get a rejection, would you write back with the explanation and try to resubmit? This has been plaguing me.

It all depends on the revision, but if you think it really makes the partial better than I would get in touch with agent and explain. The agent should have no problems substituting the new version for the old, unless they've already read the partial.


Ryan Field said...

I didn't expect you to answer the question this way. But I like the answer. The moment before you click "send" to submit anything it always seems to final, as if you're standing in front of Simon Cowell and you only have one minute to prove what you can do.

Anonymous said...

As someone new to writing and getting published, I find that there's such a learning curve. You send something off only to find that there are improvements that can be made to your writing, your query, your synopsis. Even when you've edited and polished, there are always improvements to be made, new things to learn. I guess you can only mourn the bridges burned in the learning process.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty boneheaded move, though, all the way around.

You've had your entire life to come up with this non-deadline manuscript and you still messed it up, even with only yourself to answer to. How will you handle a real deadline when you have 12 months to deliver book #2 according to input from agent, editor, publisher, marketing team, and even fans?

Oops, sorry, here's the real ms...

Yes, any peice of writing can always be made better, but self-retracting a manuscript that you had previously declared ready is a sign of indecision. You might as well appear in control and just take the crticism the agent would have given on the first ms. You have now way of knowing, anyway, if s/he would have liked that one even better than what you re-submitted. Get some balls, people. Stick to your guns and write on,