Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HarperCollins UK Slush Pile

My client Jonathan Bender pointed me to this interesting article about HarperCollins UK's plans regarding their slush pile.


R.J. Keller said...

"The first publisher to turn itself over to a horde of semiliterate philistines may be onto a winner."

Wow. The guy is kind of an ass.

Reb said...

I am prejudice since my entry in Baen's "unofficial slush pile" resulted in my MS landing on Mr. Baen's desk. Unless one can find a "reader" who is in prefect sync with the market, the system will be imperfect. Still, I have more faith in almost any sort market research than I do in a single individual.

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

how sad. It's rather depressing to think about the fact that maybe some of these manuscripts in the slush pile might be REALLY good. But as T.E Lawrence famously said, "we can't all be lion tamers."