Friday, September 5, 2008

June Book Sales

In June, the AAP reports that sales rose 1.6% to $753.6 million (as compared to last June). Sales for the year were down 0.2%. Here are a few specific categories:

E-books were up 87.4% to $4.9 million
Children's/YA hardcover rose 18.2% to $48.8 million
Children's/YA paperback were up 17.9% to $45.6 million
Adult hardcover were up 12.2% to $118.7 million
Professional and scholarly fell 11.3% to $62.2 million
Religious books fell 12.9% to $32.6 million

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Ryan Field said...

I like that e-books went up. I wonder if it has something to do with the Kindle. Everyone is getting curious about it now. I was eavesdropping at a Labor Day party on Fire Island and it's like the new hot topic...and none of these people were in publishing.