Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trivia Contest Teaser

I wanted to give you all a few teasers in advance of the trivia quiz. There will be some much harder and many much easier on October 1st, but I thought these two were representative of the type of questions you'll see.

What are the article, section, and clause numbers of the copyright clause in the United States Constitution?

Who is the only person to have won Pulitzer Prizes for both fiction and poetry?

Sorry, no prizes for people who get these right.


Brita and Peter said...
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December/Stacia said...

Wow, these are harder than I thought. :-)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Contest sounds like fun!

Dwight said...

Sooooo.... I know how the trivia contest works, but if we post the answers in the comments they get deleted, right?

Jonathan Lyons said...

Yes, please email me with your answers for the trivia quiz at I will disable the function that allows comments to be posted without review.