Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trivia Contest on October 1st

I'm pleased to announce the first ever Lyons Literary Trivia Contest for October 1st (the earliest day that my schedule isn't completely jammed).

The contest will consist of multiple questions about books, authors, publishing, and even a few random tidbits. Some answers will be easy, while others harder. I'm going to try to throw in as many as possible that can't be answered with a simple internet search. Quite a few will have more than one right answer. I'm not sure how many questions there will be right now, but at least ten.

I will select three winners based on amount of questions answered right and how quickly you respond. Responses should be sent by email at with the subject line "Trivia Contest". Please do not post your responses as comments to this blog.

Winners can choose one of the three prizes: a query critique and evaluation of your first five pages, an evaluation of your first thirty pages, or a free book from one of my clients (options will be given).


Julie Weathers said...

Oh, my gosh. What wonderful prizes. I am horrible at trivia, though.

Are you going to toss in some questions about Tex-Mex food? I might get that.

ChrisEldin said...

Sounds fun!! But I'm also horrible at trivia...

I like the food category though. Great idea, Julie!!

Ryan Field said...

Glad we're e-mailing instead of posting answers. If I come off looking like a total idiot, you're the only one who'll know :)

December/Stacia said...

Whee! I can't wait, thank you for doing this! :-)