Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trivia Contest Rules

Congrats to James C. for being the first person to answer correctly the two teaser questions from yesterday. The AAR Code of Ethics contains eight rules/sections, and nine Philip K. Dick books or stories have been made into movies and released.

OK, moving on to the Trivia Contest rules: 
  • The questions will be posted at 12:00pm (EST). 
  • Please email me with your answers at info@lyonsliterary.com. Do not post your answers as comments. 
  • Make sure to provide me with a name and working email so I can get back to you in case you win.
  • You can post comments or questions about the contest that do not reveal any answers.
  • There are no extra points for the inclusion of excessive information. 
  • Agents, editors, and other industry professionals are not eligible to win, though they may answer if they like.
  • There will be three winners. Winners are chosen based on amount of questions answered correctly and how quickly you respond. 
  • Questions might have more than one right answer. Provide the answer that you think is best.
  • I will measure how quickly you respond based upon when I receive your email, and not when you send it.
  • Winners can choose one of the three prizes: a query critique and evaluation of your first five pages, an evaluation of your first thirty pages, or a free book from one of my clients (options will be given).
  • I will announce the winners on Friday, October 3rd.
If you haven't noticed yet from the teasers, thematically most of the questions will be about publishing, with a few random exceptions.

OK, let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, good luck!

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Lorrie said...

From Lorrie, tricked out as alternate e-mail roxielifton:

Will you never cease to amaze me? Trivia is a great idea.

So here's a TQ for YOU:

Which of the following illustrious female poets was NOT a Poet Laureate?

A. Louise Gluck
B. Louise Bogan
C. Josephine Jacobsen
D. Elizabeth Bishop
E. Maya Angelou
F. Maxine Kumin