Friday, July 11, 2008

April Book Sales

Here are the sales from the AAP for April via Mediabistro. E-books are still rocking.

Revisions While On Submission

Recently I had an agent request a partial. Soon after sending it out, I joined a fantastic critique group and have since made some improvements. One of these improvements is completely changing where the beginning of the book starts, so that it opens with a lot more action. I am still waiting to here back regarding the partial. My question is, would you resend the partial with an explanation, or just sit tight with fingers crossed. And if you do get a rejection, would you write back with the explanation and try to resubmit? This has been plaguing me.

It all depends on the revision, but if you think it really makes the partial better than I would get in touch with agent and explain. The agent should have no problems substituting the new version for the old, unless they've already read the partial.

And the Winners Are...

Duncan Lawrie Dagger
Frances Fyfield, BLOOD FROM A STONE

International Duncan Lawrie Dagger

Ian Fleming Steel Dagger
Tom Rob Smith, CHILD 44

John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger

Non-Fiction Dagger

Debut Dagger

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Electronic Giveaways Part II

You might recall that I blogged recently about publishers giving away partial or entire e-copies of books as a publicity measure. Tor Books has been one of the most aggressive in this regard, and reviews how it's going here (via GalleyCat).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Long to Respond?

I have read on numerous agent blogs about how they read an author's query, requested the partial five minutes later, requested the full two days after receiving that partial, then offered representation the moment they finished reading the full (taking only three days to do so).

My questions are these: Is that the norm for manuscript interest? Or is it more likely that an agent will take, say, four months or longer? And if it's the latter, what--if anything--is generally going on in those months aside from reading the manuscript? Provided the agent has verified receiving the manuscript, can an author read between the lines one way or another: He/she loves it? Hates it?

Sadly, I don't believe there is a norm. Some agents read quickly, others don't, and often times the speed of response is dictated by things out of the agent's control.

For example, for the past few months it's taken me FOREVER to read and respond to partials and full manuscripts. I'm still interested in all of these projects, but I'm just swamped with client issues that must come first.

Of course, there are a few agents out there that will read a partial or a manuscript and not like it, but choose not to respond because they don't want to have to pass on the bad news. They figure that after a year of no response the author will get the picture. This certainly isn't something I condone, but it happens.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Author-Publicist Relationships

Mediabistro linked to quite a few sites that provide helpful information about the author-publicist relationship.