Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plastic Logic Redux

On the heels of the announcement about Barnes & Noble's eBookstore (which TechCrunch reviews here) and that they'll be the vendor for the new Plastic Logic eReader, Plastic Logic has now announced that AT&T will provide wireless support for the new device, so just like with the Kindle readers access books anywhere they get a signal. This partnership also means that the device will connect internationally, but as Teleread points out it could create even more problems with the already overburdened AT&T network.

However, Plastic Logic continues to emphasize that their eReader is targeted more for business professionals and business documents than for reading books due to the larger screen. Considering the recent news though, I just don't buy it.


The Decreed said...

Well, that is golden for businesses. Being able to access their network from anywhere, getting files emailed to them for review? That'll help support the transition in more businesses to go electronic.

But, yeah. Really, I mean, come on. This is B&N's reader. I don't think B&N is known as a business document store.

Shennandoah Diaz said...

There are many kinks both in the technology as well as the pricing and distribution that need to be worked out before either the B&N or Amazon applications are truly able to meet the needs of the consumer. I am cautiously and eagerly watching everything unfold. In time, I believe it will become a viable form of sharing information, but I also feel that sometimes creators jump the gun on presenting new technologies to the market.