Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple, email, and ebooks

Apple conducted their usual press event to unveil new products, but unfortunately the Tablet was nowhere to be seen.

In-Stat conducted an ebook reader survey, with the most desired feature request by current ebook owners being email capability. Agreed! (via Shelf Awareness and Teleread)

Finally, I want to belatedly call attention to another thoughtful post on The Shatzkin Files, this time discussing the controversy around ebook pricing.


ryan field said...

Good links.

I'm on the fence about e-mail capability. But I'm looking forward to seeing more about Apple.

Jeanne Ryan said...

From what I've heard, the tablet is slated for early next year.

Malia Sutton said...

Thanks for the links. I enjoyed reading them.

Shennandoah Diaz said...

Wow, that article on e-book pricing has me spinning. This debate is far from over and I personally feel like I am missing important information to help me formulate an opinion. I'm an Econ major- I need a CBA to help me make my decision. Anyway, I am by nature a tactile person and will always enjoy a printed book over an electronic version. I don't think that printed materials are going to completely fall away. However, there are inherent advantages to electronic copies. They can be distributed quickly and cheaply, they are nicer to trees, and easier to store. My bulging book shelves can attest to the last item. Hopefully we can find a happy medium that satisfies the obvious market for e-books and the people who create them.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting links.