Friday, May 22, 2009

Oscar Whitfield

So there's this guy named Oscar Whitfield who queries me and a whole bunch of other agents every day. The query is exactly the same, with the same email subject title and content. However, he does seem to be using multiple email addresses, which means he can escape my junk filter from time to time. 

I wrote him about a month ago, asking him to stop querying me because 1) he wasn't using my submission form; and 2) I had no interest in his work. He responded obnoxiously, telling me he was going to continue querying me despite my request, and he was going to "knock down" the doors of publishing.

It's people like this that help contribute to the negativity sometimes involved in the querying process. So my plea to you at the start of what I hope will be a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend is the following: if you know Mr. Oscar Whitfield, please ask him to stop. And if you know any other people spam querying, ask them to stop too.